How to know if a Ray-Ban is fake? And an Oakley?

“Are my Ray-Ban original?” or “how can I distinguish fake Ray-Ban from authentic ones?” are some of the most frequent questions we receive daily in our Optics & University Audiology stores, and we all like to wear good sunglasses that protect our eyesight, otherwise it can be very harmful to visual health. In Optics & University Audiology we can guarantee the authenticity of all the sunglasses we have, so that’s why we want to offer you some little tricks so that you can answer the question of how to know if a Ray-Ban are fake.

Wearing counterfeit glasses is worse than not wearing any type of sunscreen, so only with original and certified glasses can you be sure that you are offering your eyes the protection they need. If you are interested in finding out how to tell if a Ray-Ban is fake and how to distinguish real Oakley glasses from imitation ones, read on and take note of the most important thing.

Un chico lleva unas gafas Ray-Ban

Why is it harmful to wear counterfeit glasses?

As we have already advanced, wearing counterfeit glasses is more harmful than not wearing any type of glasses to protect us from UV rays. Why? Firstly, non-approved glasses have not passed the relevant quality and safety controls and therefore cannot guarantee quality standards.

Even so, the great risk of wearing imitation glasses in your eyes is that the lens of these has a dye that darkens it, causing the pupil to dilate more, and as they do not have a UV light filter, the rays enter with more intensity to the retina, thus causing damage to the conjunctiva and cornea. On the other hand, the eye already has a natural protection system that contracts the pupil when it detects too much light and thus prevents UV radiation from penetrating with such intensity. Therefore, we said that before wearing glasses that are not original it will always be better to do without them.

How to tell if a Ray-Ban is fake

Ray-Ban is one of the most popular brands in the vision sector that has been working for more than 80 years in the market to offer its best version and offer the highest quality to its customers. Today it has thousands of designs, both classic and innovative, but precisely because of its popularity there are also many replicas that try to pass themselves off as original.

So if you are thinking of buying Ray-Ban sunglasses or already have some, you will like to find out how to know if a Ray-Ban are fake and make sure they are good and are protecting you from the sun’s rays.

Browse the full pack

When we buy a new Ray-Ban we also get the accessories for the care of our new pair. Therefore, look carefully if this pack includes, in addition to the glasses, the microfiber cloth to clean the glasses, the case to store them, the brochure with information about the glasses and the box in which all of the above is stored. If you want to look at even more specific details, notice that the case has the logo of the brand engraved in gold and that the microfiber cloth also contains the red logo.

Look at the engravings on the frame and crystals

Original Ray-Ban sunglasses will always have the name of the brand engraved on the top of the right lens and in the case of prescription sunglasses it will be on the left glass. Pay attention and see if the signature is above the hinge, since that will mean that your Ray-Ban are original and is one of the key points on how to know if a Ray-Ban are fake.

Gafas de sol Ray-Ban

In those designs with a thicker paste frame it will also carry the name of ‘Ray-Ban’ engraved on the outside of the rod. To check it you must pass your finger over and see that it has relief, since in those that are imitation it is often painted or even a sticker.

You should also notice that on the inside of the left rod you have engraved a text that contains a series of numbers and letters that refer to the number and color of the specific model of glasses. On the inside of the other rod, on the right, look for the phrase “Made in Italy”, which indicates that they are original.

Read the labeling

To make sure that the glasses you are buying are approved and comply with safety standards, you should look at the labeling information, which should include the following information:

  • CE. It is necessary to check that they have a CE mark on the right rod, mandatory in Europe, which indicates that the glasses in question have UV protection. UV400 sunglasses will indicate an extra extra protection.
  • Sunscreen category. These categories must be indicated on the label so that the user can know in which situations it is best to wear them. It is a label from 0 to 4 depending on the luminosity, in which 0 is the least sun protection and 4 the greatest protection. Ray-Ban sunglasses are usually numbered between 2 and 3.
  • Identification of the manufacturer or distributor. It is essential that the name of the manufacturer or distributor is included in the labelling. If not, your Ray-Ban is probably not original. In this case, he will put Ray-Ban.

And how can I recognize if an Oakley is original?

In the same way that we have explained how to know if a Ray-Ban are fake, there are replicas of most models of sunglasses and, among them, those of Oakley. It is important to know what we are buying and at what price. That is, Oakley sunglasses have a high price for their designs that incorporate innovative technology, so, if they try to sell us Oakley glasses at a very reduced price, we can suspect that these glasses will probably not be true.

Beyond this, we can also distinguish whether our Oakleys are original or imitation through a series of naked-eye observations:

  • All non-graduated Oakley sunglasses have the letter O of the logo on both rods.
  • Check the engraving of the lens, as all Oakley Prizm have “Prizm”, “Polarized”, “Prizm P” or “Photocromic” engraved on the left lens. If your Oakley glasses don’t feature Prizm technology, they won’t have any markings on the lens.
Oakley Radar sunglasses model
  • Look carefully at the reference number that appears on the rod, since usually the pattern that is followed in newer models is OO and four more numbers that indicate the model of glasses.
  • Although the imitations increasingly resemble the originals, look at the label of the cover of your Oakley. Normally, those that are replicas tend to be excessively large.
  • If there is one good thing about all Oakley glasses, it is that they provide a totally clear and clear vision, so this is one of the aspects that should make you suspicious if you notice any vision failure.

Now that we have explained how to know if a Ray-Ban are fake and how to distinguish a real Oakley, have you already verified that your glasses are original?

It is important that before buying new sunglasses you check their authenticity, since only then can you have the guarantee that you are protecting your sight as it deserves.

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