Regular check-ups and professional enamel cleansing prevent small issues from changing into more complex and tough to treat. We want you to be properly informed about your dental treatment options so that you may be happy together with your care. Aesthetic Dentistry of Lorton is dedicated to providing the people of Lorton, Virginia with dental services which are efficient, reasonably priced, and handy.

Medical Cases

The affected person is at all times introduced back the following day to go over the provisionals to examine the occlusion and esthetics. In this case, minor adjustments had been made and records had been then accomplished to relay to the laboratory. Final measurements of the central incisors were taken, as had been a full digital set of pictures, alginate impressions of the temporaries, and a chew registration. The aim is to provide as a lot info to the ceramist as potential to make it simpler to copy the form, contour, and element of the temporaries in the ceramic. The authors have found that a proper set of provisionals can remove a lot of the guesswork in communication between patient, physician, and ceramist. While the form of the smile three-dimensionally is a serious factor in creating natural smiles, additionally it is necessary to consider color and texture.

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